sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

What is "Pay Here, Cash Only" all about?

The answer- an exhibition first and possibly an ongoing project in the future. The show will happen sometime this summer, and there are 13 artists already signed up. All will take place here in New York City.

Our sentiments about the idea:

Pay Here: Pay Here is a statement reflecting what is considered an ideal member of our society- a human being who is a “purchaser”. As "purchasers" we conform to what is expected of us, even getting comfort from the act of the purchase. Until eventually as we grow up, we base our lives on the ability to purchase things. First as human beings and then as artists. So now we want to claim back our space as spiritual creatures that are more than pawns caught up in a spiraling world market.

About Cash Only: Recession times are here. The money can be short and evasive, but no reason to panic. As it has always been, there will be ups and downs and, of course, there are solutions to the problems, even in bad times. Strange enough though we see and feel less and less of the money we do have. Credit or debit? Debit at the beginning of the month, credit at the end. Anyway, debit sounds too close to "debt" to be a good thing. All numbers on a screen. Atm's, computers, internet money transfers- but no cash. Cash is the money of the "un-cool" and the illegals. Some deserve being illegal, some are unfairly so. Immigrants use cash too. When you use cash the big banks don't get a part of the money that they don’t make. We pay them to hold our money? How about the other way around. If the wealth of the world was divided equally among us, we would all be millionaires. I'de like my portion in cash please.

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